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Status: 20 November 2006- Moving in commences

            17 November - Temporary Occupancy Certificate

            28 June Interior framing complete

            15 June, Exterior, floor & outside plumbing finished!

            24 May, Roofing Starting.

            10 May, Sheeting Started.

            26 April, First Steel Erected.

            24 April, Foundation Finished. 

            17 April, First Concrete Poured

            April 2006 Building Permit Acquired

Conceptual Drawing

The building arrives on one flat bed truck.

Windows were on another.

Excavation begins.

Then there was more excavation.

Then the holes had to be filled back in with packable ground.

The ground is ready for a foundation.

Backfill ready to go.

Rebar for foundation.

Foundation pad frame.

Phone cable had to be moved.

1st truck of Concrete

Pouring the foundation pads

Setting the rebar.

Last pad.

Anchor Bolts.

Pouring the Foundation Wall.

Grounding Rod.

Forms coming off.

Bolts to attach Steel to foundation.

Foundation wall being backfilled.

First Steel Beam in place.

Hanging the Steel.

Hanging the Steel.

Hanging the Steel.

Hanging the Steel.

Hanging the Steel.

Securing the Steel beams.

Tying it together.

Roof Girts are on.

Rear Garage Door Frame.

Piles of Fill & Insulation.

Wash Bay Doors.

Doors & Windows are in.

Back Wall Sheeted.

Front Wall Starting

Front Wall Finished.

Garage Doors being set and Roof starting.

Interior floor plumbing.

Concrete floor going in.

Never rains here. 10 X 5 X 10 hole 3/4 full of water.

Outside plumbing field.

Electrical Panles

Plumbing rough out

Parts to Shop wall

Main Showroom Wall

Doors are now Open

Doors are now Open

Shop is ready to service Corvettes and ...

Lifts to convenently work on them

Cars in the Showroom

Ready to move in Accessories

Frame ready for powercoating.

In for Maintenance.

Corvettes for Sale in the Showroom.

Accessories and Parts.

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